Volunteer Income Tax Assistance

Tax Preparation Help

Mesa United Way is the major partner in our community with the federal Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program, which provides expert tax-preparation services free of change to low- and moderate-income households. VITA ensures that tax returns are prepared accurately and that these individuals and families receive all the tax benefits to which they are entitled, including the Earned income Tax Credit, which provides a check to qualified households even if no taxes were paid. See “Get help with your 2018 Tax Return” below.


What to Bring

• Social Security Cards (or ITIN cards or ITIN letters) for all members of the household
• Picture Identification for taxpayer (and spouse, where applicable)
• Proof of all income including W-2 and 1099 forms, and self-employment records
• Deduction Information such as home mortgage statements, medical expenses, auto registrations, and donation
• Child Care Information, including record of payment with name, address, and tax ID# of childcare provider
• Direct Deposit Information – bank routing and account numbers
• Records of stock transactions including reports which contain the cost basis of stocks sold
• Health Insurance Information – Form 1095-A/B/C if available (for 2014-2016 only)
• Prior year tax returns, if available (federal and state)
• Any letters received from the IRS or state

Become A VITA Volunteer

In the weeks leading up to tax season, Mesa United Way will be recruiting and training volunteers to help prepare tax returns. It is interesting and satisfying work, and many of our volunteers have returned year after year. If you are interested in becoming a VITA volunteer, click HERE for more information.

Off-Season Tax Assistance

If you missed the prior-year tax filing deadline or have not filed returns for previous years, and need help, click HERE.

Do Your Own Tax Return Free

If you prefer to do your own tax return but could use a little help, MyFreeTaxes in partnership with H&R Block and United Way provides 100% guaranteed FREE filing if household makes $66,000 or less.

Get help with your 2018 Tax Return

Are you a low- or moderate-income taxpayer needing help with your 2018 return? Mesa United Way’s Volunteer Income Tax Assistance season will begin on January 29th, 2018. There are six sites open again this year where you can get your 2018 tax return completed by trained, IRS certified tax preparers. The income limit this year is $54,000. Your return will be E-Filed which means that your refund (if you have one coming) will be delivered to your bank account or by check as soon as possible. Please see a map showing the locations in Mesa and the weekly schedule of service times below.

Don’t live in or near Mesa?

If you want to look for a site outside of the City of Mesa click HERE. You will be able to find all sites in or near your zip code.  Please note that we do not restrict our services to Mesa residents.  Over 30% of our clients live outside of Mesa. So you are very welcome to come to a Mesa VITA site for tax preparation.

Need help with prior years taxes?

Are you behind in filing past years’ tax returns? We may be able to help! Click HERE for more information regarding preparation of prior year returns. Please note that the Mesa United Way office site on University Drive only prepares prior year (2000-2017) tax returns during the tax season (January – April). You must go to one of the six sites listed below if you want to file a 2018 tax return before May 2019.

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