Sad story of abandoned girl has a happy ending

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Sad stories can have happy endings. This story about an abandoned little girl proves it. The dedicated case workers at Child Crisis Arizona's Mesa Emergency Shelter, a partner agency of Mesa United Way, recently shared the story with us:
When two-year-old Jazzy arrived at our Children’s Emergency Shelter, she was smaller than most 12-month-old babies. Emaciated, with dark circles surrounding her sullen eyes, all we were told was that she was found abandoned in an apartment complex. Later, Jazzy told us, “My mommy put me in the dryer.” It was August – and 105 degrees in the shade. Jazzy thought they were playing hide and seek. Mom suggested she hide in the dryer in the apartment laundry room. She dutifully waited for her mommy to find her, but she never did.
After being found by another resident, Jazzy was admitted to the hospital for dehydration and heat exhaustion. She was discharged to our Shelter. Jazzy quickly learned our routine. Adding calories to her diet was a group mission for the staff. She ate, she grew, she thrived. Her clothes didn’t look like they were much too large and her hair began to shine. Jazzy’s mother never came to claim her and no relatives were found. When the Department of Child Safety changed Jazzy’s long-term plan to adoption, one of Child Crisis Arizona certified adoptive moms came to meet Jazzy. They liked each other and started bonding. Within a few months, they became a family. We were fortunate to follow Jazzy from her admission to our emergency shelter all the way to her “forever family” adoption.
It's a fact of life that more sad stories surface daily. To ensure they have happy endings we need more dedicated people like those at Chirld Crisis Arizona, and the continued support of people like you who support Mesa United Way.