Rick's once dark, lonely life is becoming brighter

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Life can be a long, lonely, unhappy journey for people with serious mental illness. Connecting someone like Rick to peers who can provide some companionship and happiness can be a painstaking process. The staff at Marc Community Resources recently shared Rick's story with us. He had been in the Marc Community Day program for some time, sitting by himself in front of the TV hour after hour. He refused to go on most outings and would scream and yell when staff put him on the list to go out. He never participated in activities that included his peers. When he wasn't watching TV he would sit alone drawing pictures that usually were about sad or bad things happening. He also liked to take things apart and destroy them.
But the staff in the Community Day program refused to give up on Rick. They talked to him and encouraged him to join his peers in various activities. Rick now sits in the main room, still in his own space but at a table that includes his peers. He goes on multiple outings each week. He feeds the pet bearded dragon on his own and helps keep the cage clean. He draws with colors and his stick people have smiling faces. He puts things together rather than taking things apart and destroying them. He proudly shows staff the things he builds.
Thanks to the staff at Marc Community Resources, Rick's once dark, lonely world is becoming brighter and happier.
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