Our 2016 AmeriCorps term has come to a close, and we are happy to share some of the positive impact this program has had on the Mesa community this past year. First, thank you to all the members who were able to complete the required hours term:

Azza Abusief (950 hrs)

Annie Allen (300 hrs)

BJ Ayers (950 hrs)

Patty Bailey (300 hrs)

Marilyn Balph (480 hrs)

Julia Beall (950 hrs)

Rachel Bennett (950 hrs)

Joshua Black (300 hrs)

Darragh Boyle (300 hrs)

Kyla Cahal (300 hrs)

Laura Castillo (300 hrs)

Carol Childs (480 hrs)

Michael Ciccarelli (950 hrs)

Hayley Cloward (300 hrs)

Art Contreras (700 hrs)

Linda Coxon (480 hrs)

Danielle Domingues (300 hrs)

Vicki Downs (950 hrs)

Erica Flores (300 hrs)

Susan Freemyer (950 hrs)

Yadira Martinez (300 hrs)

Janelle Gomez (300 hrs)e

Lesley Gomez (800 hrs)

Yvette Hernandez (300 hrs)

Lynn Kellogg (950 hrs)

Shirley Kosisky (1,000 hrs)

BreAnna Laird (300 hrs)

Judy Lawrence (700 hrs)

Jean Lind (950 hrs)

Charlie Lipkowitz (950 hrs)

Gwen Morphis (480 hrs)

Patty Mullen (950 hrs)

Joseph Nieves (950 hrs)

Megan Oakes (300 hrs)

Shyla Oliver (950 hrs)

Bob Pappalardo (480 hrs)

Madison Peters (700 hrs)

Pat Peters (480 hrs)

Claudette Phillips (950 hrs)

Anna Price (480 hrs)

Jacob Riddle (300 hrs)

Priscilla Rockwell (480 hrs)

Brandon Rogers (300 hrs)

Nicholas Rolfe (300 hrs)

Susan Schneck (950 hrs)

Emma Sewell (300 hrs)

Jake Sheehan (300 hrs)

Brynn Shultz (300 hrs)

Erin Sulzer (950 hrs)

Cassidy Twigg (700 hrs)

Janice Walker (480 hrs)

Nancy Watson (480 hrs)

Kayla Westover (300 hrs)

Anastasia Whitehead (700 hrs)

Sharon Willison (950 hrs)

Taylor Wood (300 hrs)

John Zielonka (950 hrs)





















A special thank you and recognition to our long-term members who have completed the maximum years of service:

Sharon Willison has completed more than 3,000 hours over the past four years with Mesa United Way’s AmeriCorps program. She has served at several community agencies, including East Valley Adult Resources and Lutheran Social Services of the Southwest. For the past year, Sharon impacted the lives of hundreds of homeless women as she worked to connect them with resources for shelter, food, and job assistance. Thank you, Sharon!

Shirley Kosisky has completed over 4,000 hours in Mesa United Way’s AmeriCorps program. She has helped veterans tirelessly through East Valley Adult Resources’ assistance programs. Shirley estimates that in her time as an AmeriCorps member she has connected nearly 2,400 veterans with resources at times they were in need. Thank you, Shirley!

As a group, our AmeriCorps team was powerful last year. See our video below to learn about the impact our AmeriCorps members had on Mesa in 2016 – 17. If you are interested in joining our efforts, visit our AmeriCorps page at www.mesaunitedway.org/americorps.