Another year, another Community Allocation Panel! In case you don’t know, every year Mesa United Way invites community volunteers to judge applications and decide how the money we raise gets spent. This year, Mesa United Way hosted our panelists in our renovated conference room. Here are some highlights!

Our total allocation raised this year: $618,000

Thanks to our generous donors, this year Mesa United Way raised $618,000 specifically for our Community Allocation Process. These dollars are donated with the intention that community members decide how they are best spent in the community. Our agencies submit applications for granted funds, and the community volunteers choose how the money is split between the programs.

42 programs applied for funding this year

Our application process was open this February, and 42 programs applied for funding from our allocation fund. The applicants provide a variety of community resources, from helping homeless families get on their feet to providing meals to elderly, home-bound residents in Mesa. The amount given to the chosen programs will vary depending on the scores given by our community volunteers.

We recruited 34 community member volunteers for the 2017 CAP

Special thanks to our amazing community volunteers. These dedicated citizens each donated approx. 15 hours to reviewing and grading our agencies’ applications and presentations. That’s a total of 510 community service hours. The level of experience from our members ranged from first-time volunteers to folks who had been on the panel for 3+ years. They viewed the total 42 presentations and scored them in our online system to tell us how we should allocate the total funds. We couldn’t do this without them!

Overall, we had another great year in CAP. The results of our process will be available in July after our Board of Directors approves the allocations. Thanks to everyone involved, and we’ll see you again next year!