Why Become A Foster Parent?

Touching Letter Answers Question: Why Become A Foster Parent?

From Katie Pompay, manager of Helen’s Hope Chest:

When I read this open letter making its rounds on the internet I couldn’t help but picture the hundreds of children and foster parents who come through the doors of Helen’s Hope Chest each month. Some parents have been fostering for years and have had dozens of children to care for. Some are first timers. Those ones come in looking apprehensive and maybe a bit unsure about how they are going to care for a child they don’t know yet. I watch them leave loaded down with clothing, books, toys, and the basics that any child needs in order to feel safe. I’m lucky enough to see these new parents come back in a few months looking excited to share how the children are doing and to see what treasures they will find today. I’m lucky enough to see the excitement on a child’s face when I tell them they get to pick out a stuffed animal or birthday gift. I’m lucky enough to see firsthand the impact these wonderful parents have in the lives of these children.

May is National Foster Care month. Last year the president called “upon all Americans to observe this month by taking time to help youth in foster care and recognizing the commitment of all who touch their lives.” I hope you will join Helen’s Hope Chest in supporting and thanking the children and the families. To say “thank-you” to our caregivers we are starting a monthly raffle. Our first item to give away is a lovely Oragami Owl charm necklace donated by one of our AmeriCorps volunteers. Next month an Avon basket is being donated. If you are interested in contributing please let us know.

As always, we cannot serve these families and children without the support of the community. Thank you for being a part of Helen’s Hope Chest.

Katie Pompay