Mesa United Way’s rigorous Community Investment Process has found these programs and agencies to be fiscally responsible and effective at delivering services. They are receiving Mesa United Way funding for the 2015-16 fiscal year.

East Valley Adult Resources Meals on Wheels delivers nutritious meals five days a week to hundreds of elderly residents throughout the East Valley. Many times the monitor who delivers the meals is the only face to face contact the resident has in a day. Monitors also provide a critical daily wellness check, identifying any worrisome changes in health or wellbeing before issues rise to an emergency level.

East Valley Adult Resources Assistance for Independent Living improves the lives of adults 55 and older who are low-income, frail and homebound in the East Valley by delivering non-medical in-home support services. All clients who request services are able to access regular medical care and medicine, as well as reliable transportation to get groceries or food boxes. Clients also have access to agencies like the Social Security Administration and state and local agencies such as city housing offices, the Department of Economic Security for food stamps.

The Home and Community Based Services of Marc Community Resources Inc. serves children and adults with cognitive, chronic medical and behavioral disabilities, helping them achieve their optimal level of independence both in their homes and in the community. A range of support services are provided, enabling these individuals to live on their own or remain with their families in the community rather than living in institutional settings.

Marc Community Resources’s Entitlement Benefits Services program helps seriously disabled individuals obtain public benefits, including Social Security and veterans benefits, as well as private funding to which they may be entitled. Ninety percent of participants achieve greater income security as a result.

Caring for a loved one who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease is an enormously challenging undertaking. The Mesa Alzheimer’s Disease Programs and Services of the Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders Association provides a support system for caregivers that includes a 24/7 Helpline, consultant services, case management, educational workshops and support groups.

Community Bridges, Inc. has a 31-year history of providing comprehensive, medically integrated behavioral health programs which include prevention, education and treatment services using cutting edge, nationally recognized treatment models throughout Arizona. During the past four years, CBI has improved the recovery of those we serve by delivering direct physician and nurse practitioner services, both on site in Maricopa County, and through tele-med to each of its 29 service locations throughout Arizona.

Oakwood Creative Care not only provides care for individuals suffering from Alzheimer’s and other debilitating disorders, but also offers support services for their caregivers through its Caring for Families Dealing with a Life Altering Illness program. Oakwood assists residents at its two locations, downtown and in east Mesa, allowing many to continue living at home. All of the caregivers reported in a survey that the services helped clients live normal, less stressful lives while tending to their loved ones.

The SHARP (formerly Independent Living Skills Training) program of the Foundation for Blind Children helps young people up to the age of 21 to become more self-sufficient. Those enrolled in the program participate in regular activities organized to give them an opportunity to practice the independent living skills they learned in the program.

The Infant/Preschool Program of the Foundation for Blind Children serves youngsters in Mesa and Valley-wide. Students receive training, support, education and treatment to develop their cognitive, developmental and behavioral skills. Families gain the education needed to understand and improve their child’s overall development. Ninety percent of participants experience positive change, and all students work toward goals established in their individual development plans.

Los Ninos Hospital, operated by Hacienda HealthCare, is a 15-bed, family oriented hospital in Mesa specializing in high quality acute and sub-acute care for infants, children and teens. It is Arizona’s first independent, free-standing children’s hospital, locally owned and operated, offering a lower cost alternative for inpatient medical care and specialty services previously only available in a large medical complex.

East Valley Adult Resources’ Meals While You Heal program delivers meals to individuals over 50 years of age who are recovering from an injury or illness or were recently discharged from a hospital or rehabilitation facility who cannot prepare meals. Meals are frozen, delivered in 7- or 14-day packs and available for as long as needed. A $2.75 per meal donation (7 meals per package) for a total cost of $19.25 per package is collected at the time of delivery.

Desert Sounds Performing Arts provides opportunities for children who demonstrate a desire to explore and experience the musical arts. This is accomplished by providing dearly needed instruments, music lessons, mentoring, programming and performance opportunities.