Community Allocation Process

Mesa United Way's Community Allocation Process empowers people who live or work in Mesa to help invest your contributions where they matter most.

Volunteers from Mesa schools, companies, churches, and neighborhoods work in teams, visiting each agency in their area of interest to see first-hand how lives are being changed. They ask in-depth questions about the organization to determine its financial health, client outcomes and areas in need of improvement.

Once the visits have been completed, the teams make recommendations for funding to the Mesa United Way Board of Directors. In many cases, funding is increased over the previous year to help the agency better serve the needs of the community. Sometimes, however, the volunteers determine that the money would be better spent in a different program or agency, and recommend reducing or eliminating funding. The result is an assurance that donor contributions are spent wisely, and in a manner that has maximum positive impact on the people of Mesa.

Click HERE for information on joining this year's CAP panels.

Click HERE to view a slideshow of a recent CAP meeting with an agency representative.

If you would like to be considered as a CAP member, contact Harmony Nelson, Director, Community Impact, at 480-834-2119, or