Adriane Grimaldi's Sewing Project benefits foster kids

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This was submitted by Helen's Hope Chest staff member Analee Pace:
Adriane Grimaldi started a group called The Sewing Project, and they have sewn over 5,000 cloth bags for foster children. They’ve given HHC hundreds (maybe in the thousands, I didn’t keep count) of the pillow case bags for the children to take their clothing selections in when they visit HHC (no more plastic trash bags for our kids).  Once a month, Adriane coordinates a sewing event and tries to get volunteers to join the group to sew more bags, have fun, etc. The next meeting is Saturday, Feb. 16 at the Senior Center,1700 N Granite Reef Road, in Scottsdale, at 9 a.m.  Those who participate need to bring their own sewing machine…everything else is provided. Adriane and her husband, Victor, are foster parents. She is a multi-talented individual, has only one hand, swims the English Channel (or one of them), and much more.